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The Human Side of Mobility & HIV


CARAM Asia's participation at international events

International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)
8th ICAAP Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2007 - HIV & Mobility Events

CARAM Asia is participating at the 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 19-23, 2007. The following is the schedule of sessions and events related to mobility and HIV/AIDS:

18 AUGUST        
11am - 6pm

Asia Pacific Court of Women, organised by UNDP. at BMIC Convention Centre (MSC participant Indra Kalyani)

 8am - 3.30pmPLHIV Forum - MSC
 8am - 3.30pmCommunity Forum
Break out session on Migrants - CARAM Asia


 11am -12.30pmHIV testing in Asia and the Pacific
Track C: Room C
6.30pm - 8pmSymposium:
Infrastructure, Mobile Populations and HIV. Organised by UNDP/ADP and UNAIDS: Main Hall
 11amOral presentation: Advocacy to enforce the Vietnamese Law on HIV/AIDS to protect migrants and mobile populations
(location TBD)
 11amOral Presentation: Migration and HIV vulnerability
Eric Libramonte (ACHIEVE)

Oral Presentation “Leadership from within for Sustainable response for HIV/AIDS" Presenter: Mahboob Alam (SHISUK)

 1.30 - 2.30pmState of Health Report on Migrant Friendly Testing
CARAM Asia. Room C
 11am-12.30pmMigration, Cross Border and HIV vulnerability Track A (oral abstract)
 11am-12.30pmEmpowering Sex Worker Communities and Harm Reduction Interventions. Track A
 11am-12.30pmASEAN Regional Perspectives on Mobile Populations and HIV Vulnerability Reduction (location TBD)
organised by ASEAN secretariat
 1pm - 2pmASAP and APN+ On testing _ PITC  Rapid testing and VCCT
1.30pm-2.30pmUNAIDS – GENEVA: Prioritizing HIV Prevention –Scaling up towards Universal Access (Room B)
 1pm - 2pmRAKS Thai foundation – HIV Prevention in Vulnerable Populations in the Mekong Region Community Based care and Support for HIV-Affected Community
 4.30pmOral Presentation – "Empowering Spouses of MWs as agents for Sustainable Behavioral Changes" Presenter: Sakiul Millat Morshed (SHISUK)

 4.30pmOral presentation, “Health testing for migrant domestic helpers working in Hong Kong”
Elijah Fung, St. John’s Cathedral HIV Education Centre, Hong Kong
 4.30pm - 6pm
D8-Migration: Risk and Opportunities (venue BCIS-02)
ACHIEVE chairing
6.30pm - 8pmUNAIDS /APLF-Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on Monitoring progress in commitments to universal access through intergovernmental bodies
6.30pm - 8pmThe Global Fund – increasing the effective role of Civil society throughout the architecture of the Global Fund in South and East Asia
 11am-12noon   Symposium: Health and Human Rights of Migrant Workers in Asia
Room: Committee Room B – organized by CDS
Guest Speaker: Brahm Press (CARAM Asia - State of Health Convener)
 11amOral presentation:  Asia pacific Economic Commission (APEC) Guidelines on HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: Development and implementation - (focus on mobility)
 1pm - 2pmOHCHR/UNAIDS: Unblocking the barriers to Universal Access the role of national human rights institutions



7th ICAAP Kobe, 2005 - HIV & Mobility Presentations

CARAM Asia participated at the 7th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific held at Kobe Covention Centre, Kobe, Japan, July 1-5, 2005. The following are presentations made by CARAM Asia members and partners who attended the event:

Presentation Title

Regional Strategies to Address HIV/AIDS Among Mobile Populations - A Right to Health Approach Sharuna Verghis, CARAM Asia, the Secretariat, Malaysia
Supporting HIV Positive Thai Migrants in Japan Takashi Sawada, Services for Health in Asian & African Regions, Japan
Emerging Issues in HIV/AIDS Interventions for Migrant Workers Malu S.Marin, CARAM Asia / Action for Health Initiatives (ACHIEVE), the Philippines
Research on HIV/AIDS and International Migration Hideki Yanai and Lisa Imadzu, Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan

An Integrated Approach to HIV and Migration in Asia Jackie Pollock, CARAM Asia / MAP Foundation, Thailand
Institutionalizing HIV/AIDS Education in the Training Program of Foreign Service Personnel Amara T. Quesada, CARAM Asia / Action for Health Initiatives (ACHIEVE), the Philippines

Role of International Organisations in Addressing HIV Vulnerability among Mobile Populations G.Pramod Kumar, UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, Sri Lanka
Decriminalising Sex Workers Mony Tep, CARAM Asia / CARAM Cambodia, Cambodia
Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and STI among the Spouses of the Migrant Workers at Sainik Basti, Nepal Pravina Gurung, CARAM Asia / Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS), Nepal
Domestic Workers and Their Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS Cornelieke Keizer, CARAM Asia / Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands

International AIDS Conference (IAC)

- CARAM Asia participated in the XVIth International AIDS Conference held in Toronto from 13-18 August 2006.

- CARAM Asia participated at the XVth International AIDS Conference held in Bangkok from 11 - 16 July 2004.

CARAM produced the following newsletters during the XVth IAC covering issues pertaining to mobility, health and human rights:



State of Health of Migrants - 2007