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The Human Side of Mobility & HIV

Action Research
CARAM partners' key thrust is to develop coherent information through participatory action research with migrants and their communities at all stages of migration to strengthen their perspective. CARAM bridges the gap in interventions by linking health to development strategies within the HIV/AIDS discourse. Since action research is a dialectical and circular process, CARAM Asia is continuously challenged by new research questions, which demand uninterrupted information and action.
  • State of Health (SoH) Workshop 2006 - Reading Materials  ( 6 items )
    The first workshop on SoH was held from Nov 3rd – Nov 6th, 2006 in Bangkok and attended by 36 participants from 14 countries in the region. The workshop objectives were as follows:
    · To assess existing laws and policies in CARAM partner countries in the area of mandatory testing of mobile populations.
    · To develop a rights-based framework for CARAM’s research on mandatory testing.
    · To assist CARAM partners in identifying the most effective methodologies and tools to undertake their respective research projects.
    · To develop guidelines, country level research designs, indicators, work plans, timelines and expected outcomes and outputs for the regional research project.
    · Develop national and regional advocacy strategies and plans.
    This was the first of a series of scheduled workshops under the Second SoH project. All reading materials can be found here.
  • Manuals  ( 1 items )

    CARAM Asia produced a Generic Manual to share its experience in working on Migration and Mobility in the Asia Pacific. All chapters from this manual is available for download here.


State of Health of Migrants - 2007