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caram enews - July to Sept 2008
CARAM Asia is Recognised by UN

July to Sept 2008 was marked with international, regional and national interventions for CARAM Asia. The network is now recognised by the United Nations(UN) as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. With this leap forward in its position, CARAM Asia may now designate official representatives to the UN at its headquarters in New York as well as its offices in Geneva and Vienna. The network can be officially represented at various meetings including the UN Human Rights Council.

For the first time, CARAM Asia made strides in the Midde East, when it organised a roundtable multi-stakeholder meeting on Foreign domestic workers issues in Jordan on 25 August. Meanwhile, CARAM Asia’s influence was very visible at the International AIDS Conference, as Migration and HIV-related travel restrictions received substantial coverage. Read about all other CARAM Asia's significant work during the past 3 months here.