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CARAM Asia joined Migrants Challenge to GFMD
The  2nd Global Forum On Migration & Development will be held in the Phillipines from 29 to 30 October.
CARAM Asia views the GFMD as a forum that is mostly focused on pushing migration and remittances as a tool for development. This is an agenda which will in turn shift the burden of development to an already marginalised migrant community.
We reject the GFMD process in Belgium and now, Phillipines. The current GFMD is not a process which ensures compulsory policy change by governments. It is also no longer under the purview of the United Nations. In fact the private sector has become major protagonists in this GFMD process.

Concerted global effort is required to raise the awareness on the rights of migrant workers. In view of this, CARAM Asia will strengthen alternative civil society interventions at the GFMD at the forth coming International Assembly of Migrants & Refugees (IAMR) Oct 28-30. We will be co-organising:

1) A Migrants Speak Out session
2) A Workshop on "The Truth about Labor Export Policy and Remittances"


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