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CARAM Asia Launches New Blog 3254
Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise 4126
ASEAN and the U.S. Agenda in Asia 3808
Asia Pacific can lose US$22 billion by 2015 if more is not done on AIDS prevention: UNAIDS 3828
Sparks In A Forest Fire 3634
‘Modern Heroes’ as ‘Milking Cows’ 4501
AIDS: Burma’s Shadowy Mass Export 5115
INDIA: Changing the landscape of their lives 4596
Mobility, AIDS: New study seeks connection 4031
WORLD: Legalizing Human Trafficking 5466
Of fear and alienation 2654
The indecent driving force of globalisation 5022
FRANCE: Making it Harder for Immigrants 4145
Hmong refugees deserve help 4136
World health: A lethal dose of US politics 5154
Indian sex worker takes to the streets to battle AIDS 5564
Giving a fair deal to the world's 86 million migrant workers 4543
Burma Offers ILO Compromise 4429
Burmese Children Born in Thailand Denied Citizenship 6412
Health Conference Highlights Risks for Shan Migrants 4352
UN Huffs and Puffs, but Where’s the Action? 3872
Weak Bargaining Power Heightens Risks for Women Migrants 5993
HIV infections 'may have peaked' 4847
Making money in Senegal off human cargo 4624
Shunned and dying: HIV victims in Vietnam 3749
Drug firms seek to stop generic treatment 2897
China: House Arrests Stifle HIV/AIDS Petitions 4937
Far from Curbing HIV/AIDS, Forced Testing of Migrant Workers Fuels It 3443
Sex Work, Illegal Status Add to Risks for Trafficked Women 5192
New Drug Restrictions Focus on Migrants 5644
AIDS Pandemic In Asia 5336
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    CARAM Asia network members regularly scan the print and on-line news resources for information on incidents and developments affecting the lives of migrant workers and HIV+ people. Here are the links to relevant news items contributed by members.

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