1991 &1993

South East Asian NGOs working in the areas of Migration and HIV/AIDS met in Bangkok and Manila respectively. Need for more information to develop effective interventions and advocacy work with regards to migrants and HIV/AIDS was recognised. The urgency was heightened by: Increased volumes of mobility in the region Rapid spread of the HIV pandemic in S.E.Asia Failure of governments to include migrants in national strategies to empower people against potential HIV infection DECISION: Tenaganita will undertake a participatory research on Migration, Health and HIV/AIDS Tenaganita gained experience in undertaking Participatory Action Research with Filipina Migrant Workers, Bangladeshi Migrant Workers and Indonesian Migrant Workers.


Regional Workshop organised by Tenaganita Idea for the formation of regional network of organisations committed to action-research on Mobility and HIV/AIDS was mooted. A collaborative inter-country Regional Action Research program was found necessary.


Development of project proposal and ground work.


Regional Workshop on Mobility, HIV/AIDS & Research Methodologies for CARAM-Asia partners, and official launch of CARAM Asia.The launch of CARAM Asia with 7 partners from Philippines, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.


The expansion of CARAM Asia to 11 countries. The countries added were Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and India.